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out with the old, in with SOME new.... [Sep. 19th, 2005|01:56 am]
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this summer has been wonderful and has been shitty. here are some of the things that have happened with me..which is why you are reading...because you want to know...right? well here we go:

* i made some great friends, only they all moved away
* i had my longest and first serious relationship
* i think i'm on speaking terms with someone that has strongly disliked me for a year now
* i think i finally know what i want to do for a career

i have changed so much that i don't even know who i am anymore. i was in a serious relationship and that really helps you learn more and more each day about yourself. it really hurts when you love someone so much and they love you equal in return, then you realize you both are two totally different people and your relationship is falling apart. i love graham with all of my heart and we are trying to work SOMETHING out but lord knows when that will be.

both of my jobs suck. i work at victoria's secret and gordon food service. my manager at VS sucks! she's a bitch and i swear to god she hates me even though i sell so good in beauty. gordon's sucks ass because my managers suck there too. if i do something wrong and somebody else does the same thing, i get in trouble and they don't. if work isn't going to treat people fair, then i'm so out of there!

well, i'm really tired and have tons of shit to do tomarrow!